Design Guangzhou / 2013.12.06

Design Guangzhou
2013 / Guangzhou

Design, special brands of enterprises, cities and nations, has been a vital language and a medium in communication with the public. Far more than itself, it 

has profoundly influenced and changed people’s pattern of living and behaving. It is a trend to make use of groundbreaking thinking, and distinctive tools 

and skills to deal with commercial, social and personal matter. 

All of us inhabit in an urban jungle constructed by reinforced concrete, which is modern, decisive and cool. It is like a standard beauty created by cosmetology, processes only superficial appearance, lacking in artistic temperament and special characteristic. Exhibition hall of “Design Guangzhou” is 

derived from this idea. It is a lonely city square on the surface, but a bunch of vigorous grain is growing on it, symbolizing the growing imagination and 


Is it possible to include more indigenous products, to integrate more exquisite emotion and feeling in a commercial mall apart from international brands? 

Is it possible that little shops along the street become a favorable scenery? Whether the Pearl River cross-straits can contain all the emotion of its citizens? 

How to improve the visibility of the youth’s creation and passion in more public spaces? Will time spent on waiting in the metro become enjoyable? 

Will travelers receive exclusive maps which identify all the creation, culture and art located in this city when they arrive?