Xiaohe × Tao body × native creation: modern dance music collection / 2018.04.01

On April 1st, experimental folk musician Xiao He, together with Chinese contemporary dance company Tao Dance Theater and experimental design brand BENTU will release the modern dance score album FIVE. Album FIVE is a compilation of 5 soundtracks that composed by Xiao He for TAO Dance Theater and materialized created into production by BENTU.


 Xiao He Modern Soundtrack Album <FIVE>

 Version I, Red soil

 Size / 160×160×107 mm

 Material / Local soil, Yellow sand, Concrete

 Content / 5CD, 1Page of introduction, 1Red soil earth, 1 Concrete CD case

 Weight / 2.7 kg

 BENTU carried out the materialized creation of album FIVE using 5 kinds of soil come from east, west, north, south and middle area in China: 5 kinds of soil, 5 versions of  albums with 5 models of earth. Soils from these 5 areas, where civilization takes root, represent people’s initial understanding of the universe. Choosing the most familiar  material in human memory to create the models of earth, we pursue the unrestrained style beyond function. Every touch on the roughness of soil just like every step on the  land we have lived on, we will be amazed at the vitality of our planet, where life originated and generation passes on.

 For Xiao He, for Tao Dance Theatre, for BENTU, the accomplishment of FIVE has a special meaning——Beyond all the skills, either to be as greatest as "me", the truest  nature, the most essential substance and physical body; or to be as smallest as "me", a handful of earth in nature or a speck of dust in the universe. To an extreme, it is "me"  while its not. Only in the state without ego, can dance reach the finest part of our bodies, can music weaken the exaggerated emotion, can wares return to nature.


 “FIVEAlbum Release will be held in Beijing E6 · BENTU ONE on April 1st, presented by Xiao He, Tao Dance Theater and BENTU, planned by BENTU ONE. Lets embrace  music and return to our hearts without vanity.  


 Tao Dance Theater

 TAO Dance Theater was founded by Tao Ye, Duan Ni and Wang Hao in 2008. Over the last nine years, TAO Dance Theater has toured in more than forty countries and  eighty arts festivals, attracting the attention and receiving high acclaim from all over the world. It has become one of the most eye-catching contemporary dance companies in  the world. 

 Work“5”, Fan XiPhotograph

 Work“8”, Zhang ShengbinPhotograph


Xiao He

 The third son of Tian Qiaoyun and He Pingsuo.